Financial Assistance to Panchayat/ Panchayat Samitis Under Revenue Earning Scheme (R.E.S.)

    • Date : 01/01/2014 -





    How To Apply

    This plan scheme has been continuing since 1957-58 with a view to augment the financial position of the Gram Panchayat/ Panchayat Samitis in the State and to enable them to take up development works in their areas for the benefit of Panchayat/ Panchayat Samitis. Under this scheme interest free loan is given to Panchayat/ Panchayat Samitis for installation of Tube wells, Pumping sets on shamilat land, construction of shops at bus stand and construction of staff quarter etc. The loan is recoverable in 30 yearly instalments. No amount was released during the last financial year 2022-23.