Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF)

Funding Pattern: 100% By Central Govt.

The Govt. of India, had launched a new 100% Centrally Assisted Scheme namely Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF) from the year   2007-08    in Sirsa & Mahendragarh Districts.


  • To redress regional imbalances in development by providing additional resources
  • To strengthen Panchayat & Municipality level Governance with more appropriate capacity building
  • To provide professional support to local bodies for planning, implementation & monitoring their plans. 
  • The main aim of this scheme is to solve the problems of Poverty, Low Growth, Poor Governance in the Backward District.

Programme Areas

District Mahendragarh and Sirsa.

Planning Process

The Panchayats at the village, block and district levels have been undertaking planning and implementation for the programme in the rural areas and the Municipalities in the urban areas.

The Participatory Plan prepared by each Panchayat and Municipality is consolidated into the District Plan by the District Planning Committee(DPC). The Annual Plans are thereafter, approved

by the District Planning Committee headed by the Deputy Commissioners.  The Annual Plan under Capacity Building is approved by High Powered Committee (HPC) headed by Chief Secretary.

Programme Components

  • United Grants(SCSP + Normal) to address critical gaps in Integrated Development Sector - Each district will receive a minimum amount of Rs.10.00 Crore per annum for development works
  • Capacity Building of PRIs and Officials - Rs.1.00 Crore for Capacity Building for each district per annum