IAY was started in 1.1.1996 as independent scheme for below poverty line people. Under this scheme, 60% funds were to be spent on SC houses and priorities to be given to poor women. From the year 2013-14, an assistance of Rs.70,000/- in three instalments (Rs25000,Rs 35000 & Rs10000) was given for plain areas to the rural poor. An amount of Rs.11000/- was supplemented as top up with third instalment and Rs.12000/- given under convergence with SBM for construction of toilet. The beneficiaries are allowed to get wages upto 90 unskilled persondays under MGNREGS for constructing his/her house. GoI allocates year wise targets to each state for new construction of houses. Under this scheme, During 2013-14, total 18607 houses were sanctioned out of which 14898 were SC beneficiaries ; During 2014-15, total 27259 houses were sanctioned out of which 16150 were SC beneficiaries and during 2015-16, total 14057 houses were sanctioned out of which 7575 were SC beneficiaries. From the year 2015-16 the funds are being transferred electronically directly into beneficiaries accounts after verification through PFMS.


The GoI has revamped the IAY scheme into Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin from the year 2016-17. Under this scheme the deprived beneficiaries having 0,1,2 kutcha room are selected from the Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011. The lists of 156140 such beneficiaries are provided to Gram Sabhas for verification and prioritising the poor. Out of these 66556 beneficiaries are SC categories and 21110 are minorities. Any grievances against the prioritised lists approved and sent by Gram Sabhas are considered by the district level appellate committee. Those households whose names are not in the SECC lists are collected at district level and will be consolidated at state level. Thereafter these will be sent to GoI for consideration and addition in the next year. The approved priorities beneficiaries lists are uploaded in the website of GoI. The MoRD has given a target of 25556 houses for the year 2016-17. However, 31265 beneficiaries have been priorities and registration and sanctioning process is under progress. Under this scheme GoI has raised the assistance from Rs.70000/- to Rs.120000/- in plain areas. The State Govt has decided to supplement an amount of Rs.18000/- as top up amount. Besides this, Rs.12000/- for construction of toilets are provide in convergence under SBM. Similarly, wages upto 90 unskilled persondays are allowed under MGNREGS for construction of house.



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